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ENGL 2300: Interpreting Discourse: Home

This guide will help you locate background information and conduct discourse analysis.

Finding Reliable Sources

Finding Corpora

For more information on how to find particular transcripts, video, and audio, reach out to me! You can also visit the guide below and click on the Transcripts & Video tab in the navigation pane for tips on best use of these resources.

Some other strategies for building a corpus include going through a specific Twitter tag, going through YouTube comments, etc.

You can search the Libraries' catalog for ebooks to look for literature to analyze.

Many of our primary source databases also allow for content analysis through full-text, machine-readable scans of archival material. Below are just a few examples, but if you want other suggestions or tips on how to use them, please let me know!

Discourse Analysis

Several tools exist for analyzing text for trends and themes. Below are just a few examples.

Note: these will not do a discourse analysis for you! These merely provide ways to look for trends in a text to aide you in your own analysis.

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