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GEOL 2900: Introduction to Research in the Geosciences (Forte)

This guide is here to help you become acquainted with resources and research in the Geosciences. If you need any help with your research don't hesitate to reach out to a librarian!

About reference sources

Reference sources are a great place to get started when you research! These include dictionaries, handbooks, encyclopedias and other types of material that are written for a more general (as opposed to scholarly) audiences. Using reference sources to spark you interest and ideas about a topic you want to explore is one way to use them. You can also use them to gather basic background information about a topic before jumping into the scholarly databases. Below are just some resources that you can use to get started: 

Reference Sources

Subject-specific dictionaries are useful for those working on cross-displinary projects and students new to a discipline.

Specialized encyclopedias provide a wealth of information, such as basic, background information on a topic, bibliographies of articles, books, and other materials on a topic, and images, sounds, and graphics to add interest to your presentations and posters.

Handbooks provide standard information, including tables of data, citations to literature, and brief synopses of topics.

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