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Veterinary - Textbooks by VMED course: Spring 2021

This guide lists the textbooks adopted by each VMED course.

Textbooks are available:

  • Online as eBooks (indicated as "Electronic Resource" under Call Number when available) 


  • In print in the SVM Library
    • For 4-hour loan from the Permanent Reserve section and/ or
    • For 2-week checkout from the Stacks

The newest edition of each book is listed below.

“Please note that not all Library eBooks allow unlimited simultaneous users, so you may not be able to access an eBook on demand.”

Outreach Librarian

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Spring 2021


VMED 5124 - Basic and Applied Anatomy II (Osborn)


VMED 5125 - Basic & Applied Anatomy III (Ogundele)


VMED 5130 - Veterinary Bacteriology and Mycology (Martinez)


VMED 5133 - Developmental Morphology (Bragulla)


VMED 5151 - Clinical Skills I (R. Baker)


VMED 5171 - Neuroscience (C. Lee)


VMED 5172 - Veterinary Immunology (Huang)


VMED 5173 - Veterinary General Pathology (Paulsen)


VMED 5242 - Systemic Veterinary Pathology II (del Piero)


VMED 5251 - Clinical Skills II (Domaracki)


VMED 5253 - Epidemiology and Public Health (M. Mitchell)


VMED 5260 Principles of Veterinary Surgery (Gines)


VMED 5261 Diseases of the Cardiovascular System (Magee)


VMED 5262 - Small Animal Orthopedics (K. Aulakh)


VMED 5263 - Urinary System Diseases (A. Johnston)


VMED 5265 - Avian, Zoo, and Exotic Animal Diseases (Tully)


VMED 5266 - Diseases of Farm Animals (Scully)


VMED 5267 - Veterinary Anesthesia (Cremer)


VMED 5272 - Clinical Veterinary Oncology (B. Boudreaux)


VMED 5365 - Integumentary System (Pucheu-Haston)


VMED 5371 - Business Management (D. Baker)


VMED 5366 - Population Medicine (M. Welborn)


VMED 5370 - Ethics and Jurisprudence (J. Godfrey)


VMED 5372 - Clinical Immunology and Infectious Diseases (Ryan)


VMED 5452 - Diagnostic Pathology (R. Bauer)


VMED 5454 - Clinical Radiology & Diagnostic Imaging (Rademacher)


VMED 5455 - Avian, Zoo, Exotic, and Marine Animal Medicine (Tully)


VMED 5456 - Small Animal Medicine (F. Gaschen)


VMED 5457 - Small Animal Surgery (Csomos)




VMED 5458 - Equine Medicine and Surgery (C. Mitchell)


VMED 5460 - Applied Veterinary Dermatology (Pucheu-Haston)


VMED 5465 - Applied Veterinary Theriogenology (Pinto / Sones)


VMED 5467 - Ophthalmology Clinical Rotation (R. Carter)


VMED 5468 - Farm Animal Health Management (M. Welborn)


VMED 5010 - Advanced Equine Respiratory System (C. Mitchell)


VMED 5010 - Advanced Equine Urogenital System (C. Mitchell)


VMED 5010 - Clinical Skills (Banse)


VMED 5010 - Introduction to Laboratory Animal Medicine (D. Baker)


VMED 5010 - Raptor Medicine and Surgery (Nevarez)


VMED 5010 - Selected Topics in Feline Medicine (Taboada)


VMED 5010 - Feline High Quality, High Volume Spay / Neuter (Duhon)


VMED 5463 - Anesthesiology (Queiroz-Williams)


VMED 5463 - Oncology (Looper)


VMED 5463 - Shelter Medicine (Wolfson)


VMED 5463 - Small Animal Community Practice (N. Welborn)



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