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Veterinary - Professional Skills: Clinical Skills

Includes resources on communication skills, business management, and scientific writing

Clinical Skills

"There are a multitude of skills used by practicing veterinarians. Some skills are used daily, others very infrequently. Some are lifesaving if done correctly; others may be life-endangering if done incorrectly. The challenge is in identifying which skills we can and should focus on during the veterinary program."

Challenges & Issues: Evidence-Based Clinical Skills Teaching and Learning: What Do We Really Know?

Books (electronic)

Books (print)

Veterinary Information Network (VIN)

VIN Virtual Clinic (registration required)

Practice and test your clinical skills in a risk-free environment: no animals to harm, no clients to upset. Whatever your level of expertise, in the VIN Virtual Clinic you can challenge yourself and learn from your mistakes with no real-life consequences.


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