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Veterinary - EndNote X8 and X9: Edit Features

Some useful editing features that EndNote provides include adding notes/labels to a reference record, setting citation styles, and removing duplicates.

Adding notes or labels to references

  • Add a label or note to a reference by highlighting the reference, then going to the 'References' tab on the top toolbar and selecting 'Edit Reference' (you can also use the right-column 'Reference' tab for editing fields)
  • Scroll down to the ‘Label’ or 'Notes' field
  • Add any note you like to these fields, making sure to press 'save' when closing the record or clicking on a different reference

  • Find references for which you have added a label or a note by navigating to the middle column search box, selecting the appropriate drop-down field to search (such as 'Label' or 'Notes'), then entering a keyword or phrase found in the label or note
  • The references that contain the keywords that were searched will appear in the middle column

Editing features

Use the 'Reference' tab in the Tabs panel to edit any field in a reference’s record. You can also double click a reference to open the record in full screen. You will be prompted to save the changes to the record when you either close the record or click another reference in the Reference list column.

Setting citation styles

EndNote has thousands of citation styles from which to choose. In order to easily switch among the styles that you prefer, first select them from the Style Manager.

  • From the toolbar, select the 'Edit' tab, go to 'Output' styles, then select 'Open Style Manager'
  • A new window will open listing the citation styles (use the check boxes to select styles)


  • Once selected in the 'Style Manager' you can change the publication style of your references in your EndNote Library with the drop-down menu on the main toolbar (Publication styles chosen in the 'Style Manager' will also appear in the list of available publication styles when using Word)
  • Use the Preview tab in the Tabs panel to display a reference in the selected publication style chosen from the drop down menu


Additional citation styles can be downloaded from the EndNote Output Styles website.

Dealing with duplicates

Importing references from multiple databases can result in having several duplicate references in your EndNote Library. Luckily, EndNote has a tool that identifies the duplicates and allows you to choose which to keep and which to discard from your library.

  • To locate duplicates in your EndNote library, make sure the 'All References' in the left-column group is selected
  • From the 'References' tab, select 'Find Duplicates'
  • Select 'Keep This Record' to keep it and discard the other or press "Skip" to go to the next set of duplicates


For a full discussion of EndNote topics and tips, visit the Clarivate research guide located online:

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