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Introductory Biology

About this Guide

In this course your writing assignments are based on your labs, which means you won’t need to select a topic. However, you will still need to conduct library research. The topics you are covering in your labs help you to build your knowledge base in the biological sciences. Much of the content covered in your course lectures, textbook, and labs has already been heavily studied and is largely known by experts in your field. It is your job to learn how to conduct the lab experiments, research the topics covered in your lab, and write your lab reports showing how your results fit into our general understanding of this process.

After reading through the text and watching the videos in this guide, you should be able to:

  • Develop background knowledge related to your topic via reference sources
  • Identify empirical research
  • Locate empirical research
  • Use information ethically

There are six modules in this guide:

  1. About This Guide
  2. Learning More About Your Topic
  3. Identifying and Reading Empirical Research
  4. Locating Empirical Research
  5. Using Information Ethically
  6. Testing Your Knowledge

You should review each module in numerical order and then complete the quiz in the final module.

Print the PDF document after completing the quiz and turn it in to your instructor for extra credit!

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