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African & African American Studies: Obama Legacy

This guide lists information sources provided by LSU Libraries on topics within the study of the African diaspora.

The Obama Legacy

This page lists selected information sources on the Obama Legacy.

Books provide information on a narrower subject area, and may only cover a specific aspect of a subject area. Some books may also provide broad surveys of a topic. A list of biographies is also provided. 

Reference sources provide summaries of facts, definition of terms, summaries of histories, short biographies, etc., on large subject areas. They are the best place to start research, particularly for users unfamiliar with a a field of study or subject area. Most of the reference sources at LSU Libraries are accessible online, but there are many reference sources available in print in the Libraries' stacks. 

Journals include articles written on specific, narrow topics. Many articles are peer-reviewed by experts to ensure accuracy and quality of information. Search within journals to find scholarly articles. 

The videos listed are documentaries. 

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