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ENGL 2123 Comics & Graphic Novels: Background Resources

Picking Your Topic IS Research

You will need to pick a topic. This is not as easy as it seems! The video listed below, Picking Your Topic IS Research!, will show you some of the obstacles that students face as they work through this step. The video Refining & Broadening a Topic will help you think about your selected topic in narrower or broader terms. 

Background Resources

This is a good time to begin figuring out what you want your topic to be and researching the context of what your topic is about. Come up with a list of keywords that you want to search and use the links below to help you find out information about your topic.

When initially identifying a topic, don't be afraid to search for ideas using Google. This is a normal and well-used practice to find out what current topics are in the news. However, avoid ONLY using Google for your research. Use the internet to help give you an idea of what you would like your topic to be and then use other scholarly resources (including references) to get a more well-rounded view of your topic as a whole.  

Google Web Search
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