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Wall Street Journal

Activate an LSU Wall Street Journal Account

1. Go to:

2. After logging in to MyLSU, enter the requested information and click Create.

3. Once you create your log-in credentials, you will be able to log in using the WSJ app or at

4. Accounts that are inactive for 90 days expire. Expired accounts can be re-activated at LSU's WSJ page (

Funding for LSU's Wall Street Journal access was provided by LSU Student Government and LSU Libraries


Contact LSU Libraries for assistance:

Existing subscribers or account holders:

When you go to the registration form, select Sign in at the bottom.

WSJ coverage: has a 4-year search capability (4-year archive of information on private companies, topics and industries). For more historical content, use the Libraries' databases:

1984 - current

If you are a faculty member: