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This research guide will help you with your annotated bibliography for ENGL 2000.

Step 1: Creating a Researchable Topic

A good topic for a research project is specific and answerable or arguable. "Climate change" is an idea, but not a fully fledged topic.

Ask yourself: Who, What, Where, When, Why, How?

  • Climate change = climate change + Louisiana + coastal erosion + efforts to solve

Step 2: Background Research

Google and Wikipedia are also good places to find background information!

Note: Literati, Google, and Wikipedia should not be used as sources in your annotated bibliographies. These are sources to help you develop ideas, angles, and keywords to apply to resources on the Databases tab.

Step 3: Generating Keywords

Research requires you to carefully consider the words you use when you search to get the most effective results.

Reverse engineer it! Here's an example topic and what keywords you might use to search for sources on that topic. Hint: consider words that are synonyms, are bigger or smaller ideas than your topic, and/or are related to your topic.

Why Louisiana French is on the decline and what’s being done to bring it back

Louisiana French


Bringing it Back

French language


Preservation efforts

Cajun French


Council for the Development of French in Louisiana





Endangered language



Extinct language

Language education

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