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ENGL 2027: Poetry (Trevathan)

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Welcome to the library resource guide for ENGL 2027: Poetry. This guide is meant to introduce you to research for your argumentative essays on The Waste Land.

Research requirements for your essay:

  • 2-5 credible sources (scholarly, academic articles)
    • 1 source from the Norton Critical edition of The Waste Land
    • 1 scholarly article in a peer-reviewed journal
    • Any additional sources should be academic/scholarly in nature
  • No unauthorized websites, blogs, or reference sources (encyclopedias, Wikipedia, etc.)
  • References should be formatted according to MLA style
  • Sources should be argumentative (not a review)
  • Sources should be recently published

Click on the Databases tab to explore recommended research resources.

Need help searching the databases or narrowing down your results? Click on the Search Strategies tab.


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