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English 2000: Style Code-The meanings behind how we fashion ourselves

Course Guide for June Pullman's English 2000 class

Avoiding Plagiarism

"What is Plagiarism?

Nearly everyone understands that copying passages verbatim from another writer's work and representing them as one's own work constitute plagiarism. Yet plagiarism involves much more. At LSU plagiarism is defined to include any use of another's work and submitting that work as one's own. This means not only copying passages of writing or direct quotations but also paraphrasing or using structure or ideas without citation. Learning how to paraphrase and when and how to cite is an essential step in maintaining academic integrity." From LSU Student Advocacy & Accountability

Here are some links to help you avoid plagiarism when working on your papers.

Is writing not your strongest suit? That's okay! If you need writing assistance, we HIGHLY recommend the CXC writing center. They can help you. 

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