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ENGL 2001 Nursing Communication

Research guide for ENGL 2001 nursing communication

Humanities and Social Sciences Librarian

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Elizabeth Allen
LSU Library, Room 141 A
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA 70803-3330

Daily Newspapers:


How to search for a Magazine PDF within EBSCO:

Step 1.) Click magazine link then click "search within this publication"

Image of EBSCO database page for the Atlantic with "search winthin this publication" link circled in red.


Step 2.) Add your keyword(s) to the second search box and hit "search"

EBSCO search with 'covid" in the second search box circled in red with a red arrow pointing to the search button


Step 3.) All articles with a PDF will have a "PDF Full Text" icon below it:

EBSCO search with 'covid" in the second search box and the first search item "The Covid-19 Manhattan Project" with it's PDF full text icon circled in red.

How to find a Magazine Article's Lexile Score in EBSCO:

Step 1.) Go to MAS Complete database.

EBSCO database with MAS Complete circled in red


 Step 2.) Type in or paste article title and click the search button.

EBSCO database MAS Complete. Search "The Covid-19 Manhattan Project" circled in red with ed arrow pointing to search button.


Step 3.) Click title to open article record.

EBSCO database MAS Complete. Search of "The Covid-19 Manhattan Project" with the first search article circled in red.


Step 4.) Lexile will be to the left side of the record underneath the abstract.

"The Covid-19 Manhattan Project" article record with lexile score of 1260 half way down the record circled in red.

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