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Digital Humanities Resources: Audio/Visual Equipment

This guide provides a list of digital humanities resources available in various departments across campus.
Resource Details Accessibility Location
A/V Equipment (Art+Design Studio) Cameras, camcorders, mics, boompoles, tripods, lightkits, lenses, camera accessories Available for check-out CxC, Art+Design Studio, 104-A Design Building

A/V Equipment (Engineering Communication Studio)

High-speed camcorder; cameras, tripods, headphones, cables, mics, memory cards, etc. Available for check-out CxC, Engineering Communication Studio, 1501 Patrick F. Taylor Hall
Sound Booth (Studio 151) Professional audio recording sound booth  By appointment CxC; HSS Studio 151, 151 Coates Hall
A/V Equipment (Studio 151) Mini-DV camcorders, tripods, HD flip cameras, GoPro cameras/accessories, etc. Available for check-out CxC; HSS Studio 151, 151 Coates Hall
High-resolution camera (IDEA Hub) Red 4K Scarlet camera; Capable of capturing 5K stills and 4K motion footage Open to faculty and graduate students pursuing approved projects College of Art+Design, 110 Art Building


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