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Library and Information Science

This guide provides links to the most useful databases and resources for researching Library & Information Science.

Why should I use the LSU Libraries' databases for research instead of local or state library databases?

I strongly recommend that you use LSU Libraries' databases to for your SLIS research.

These are high quality, specialty databases. If you are having trouble accessing LSU's databases, let me know. 

You may have access to some of the same databases through your local library or the state library, but LSU's full-text coverage will be more comprehensive (in other words, the results may be the same, but the full-text of some articles will be available through LSU but not through the state library or your local library).

If you are a distance learning student, using your local library's databases and interface probably feels comfortable and familiar (especially if you work at a library), but you need to stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone in the SLIS program. You will use many databases over the span of your professional career; taking advantage of LSU Libraries rich offerings can help you prepare for this.

EBSCOhost is an interface, not a database

When I ask students which database they are using, many often reply "EBSCOhost." EBSCOhost is not a database; it's a search interface.

The library actually subscribes to more than 80 individual EBSCO databases as well as using their discovery product. Telling me that you've searched EBSCOhost doesn't tell me which database you've searched. Think of it this way: EBSCOhost is kind of like the make of a car and the actual database is like the model. If you tell me that you drive a Ford, I still don't know what kind of car you drive. I know this can be confusing because EBSCO databases look similar, but each is identified for you (although I think EBSCO does a terrible job of this or so many people wouldn't have the same problem). 

You can always look for it in the same spot. I've taken a screenshot for you and highlighted the area for you:

EBSCOhost database identified in left corner over search box(s)

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