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Using Citation Management Software: Mendeley

Use citation management software to create bibliographies, lists of works cited, and individualized research libraries.


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Mendeley is another citation management tool free to download online. Mendeley can create citations and bibliographies, and includes the ability to open PDFs to allow the user to take notes using virtual sticky notes and highlighters. It can import and organize those PDFs from your computer or through other citation management tools such as Endnote or Zotero. Another great thing is that Mendeley is perfect for connecting with others so the user can share papers, notes, and even bibliographies. It’s a much needed instrument for group work and shared papers. The user can also use Mendeley to assess papers from the web and mobile devices.  

Mendeley SHOULD NOT BE USED FOR ANY TYPE OF EVIDENCE SYNTHESIS, including systematic reviews. For more questions, contact a librarian. 

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