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Cooking: Louisiana Cuisine


This section is dedicated to materials about cooking and recipes from the state of Louisiana, and is divided into two sections: background VS geography. Cajuns and Creoles are two groups of people with an interconnected past in Louisiana, but are not bound by geography and instead are cultural identities originating from the melting pot of Louisiana's history. Likewise, places hold their own dietary histories and identities which are highlighted by works focused on various spaces--whether it be by town, city, parish, region, or even the entire state. This page does not feature a comprehensive list of materials available at LSU Libraries Special Collections; researchers are encouraged to use the online catalog to investigate the many materials available at Hill Memorial Library.

Key Subject Headings

Listed below are some recommended subject headings when researching Louisiana cuisine cookbooks. Full steps on how to use these subject terms can be found on this LibGuide's homepage.

Cooking, American -- Louisiana

Cooking, American -- Louisiana -- New Orleans

  • Note: researchers interested in finding cooking materials from cities other than New Orleans may build their own query by searching the subject "Cooking, American -- Louisiana -- [city]" without the brackets.

Cooking, American -- Louisiana style

Cooking, Cajun

Cooking, Creole

Cajun & Creole

Cooking in Louisiana

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