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Copyright Basics

This guide contains information about using copyrighted materials for instruction.

The following resources provide accurate, reliable copyright information and tools designed to help you understand and apply copyright law in the university setting.  In some instances, the information is merely presented in a different format - you chose which presentation format best suits your purpose or learning style.

Copyright Teaching Materials and Aids

• Permissions Guide

• Tutorials

•  Fair Use Considerations Worksheet

Sample Forms and Letters

    -Exclusive License to Use

    -Copyright Assignment Form

    -Work-Made-For-Hire Agreement

    -Talent Release Form

    -Non-Exclusive License

 The Copyright Fact Series

Brochures and Handouts

    -Changing Scholarly Publishing: A Guide for Graduate Students

    -American University Library's A Guide To Showing Movies On Campus

•  FAQs

Copyright Basic: FAQ

Faculty teaching FAQs: Classroom

Faculty teaching FAQs: Online

Graduate Students FAQS

Copyright Vocabulary

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