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MC 7043 Strategic Communication Campaigns: Organization & Industry Research

Organization & Industry Research

Searching Online for Industry Statistics or Data:

You can search online to find information about your industry, organization and its competitors: 

  • First, review the organization's website and social media accounts.
  • Next, think about "who" would care about this industry and therefore have statistics and other information related to your organization or topic.  Depending on the industry, there may be nonprofit organizations and government agencies (federal, state or local) that collect this type of data.

Google tip:  Limit your search for only certain types of sites (ex. .gov or .org) to locate industry-related statistics and reports.

Examples of Google "site" searches:

children arts  - will retrieve .org websites with information related to children and the arts.

organ transplant statistics  - will retrieve .org websites with statistics related to organ transplants.

volunteer statistics Louisiana  - will retrieve government websites with statistics related to volunteering in Louisiana.

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