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ENGL 1001: Drummond (Spring 2021)

This guide has been created to help you find sources for your papers. Don't forget, if you need help, contact a librarian!

Thoughts on How to Use This Guide

Hi! Welcome back to the research guide created for Professor Drummond's Spring 2021 ENGL 1001 class. This updated version of the guide will help you find resources for your next assignment: Annotated Bibliography on a Current Controversial Issue. Each tab on the left tells you what type of sources are included: 

  • The "Background Information Sources" tab includes suggested places to gather background evidence on your chosen topic. If you're stuck on trying to figure out a topic, you can browse these sources to get ideas!  These are *not* scholarly sources, and I want you to remember that you are using these background information sources as a jumping off point! 
  • The "Newspapers & Magazines" tab includes a selection of suggested newspapers, magazines, and news databases that you could search to find information on your topic. These are wonderful sources for local information (like if you were interested in something specific to Baton Rouge or Louisiana).  These are also *not* scholarly sources.  HINT: If you see a report or something hyperlinked in the article, go ahead and follow that out to the original source. 
  • The "Scholarly and Peer-Reviewed Information (Suggested Databases)" has, you guessed it!, databases that contain scholarly peer-reviewed articles.  
  • The "Citations!" tab will take you to the LSU Libraries Citation online research guide. There you will find videos, tutorials, and information on different citation styles. 

If at any point you need a refresher, get stuck, or need help contact me! :) My information is to the left and you can email me or make a consultation appointment. 

Happy Researching! 

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