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SCRN 4001: Black Women in Film

This guide has been created to help you find sources for your papers. Don't forget, if you need help, contact a librarian!


Hi! Welcome to the research guide created for Professor Bennett's SCRN 4001 class. This guide includes suggested sources for your research. Each tab on the left tells you what type of sources are included: 

  • The "Websites" tab includes reviews from selected internet sources.  These are *not* scholarly sources and are to be considered background information sources (so these wouldn't be the types of sources you would cite in your paper). 
  • The "Newspapers & Magazines" tab includes a selection of suggested newspapers, magazines, and news databases that you could search to find reviews.  These are also *not* scholarly sources. 
  • The "Scholarly Sources: Academic Journals and Databases" has, you guessed it!, scholarly academic journals that you can search within or try your hand at searching the larger databases to find scholarly peer-reviewed articles about the topic you are researching. 
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