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ENGL 1001: Drummond (Spring 2021)

This guide has been created to help you find sources for your papers. Don't forget, if you need help, contact a librarian!


Hi! Welcome to the research guide created for Professor Drummond's Spring 2021 ENGL 2000 class. This guide will help you find film and/or TV reviews. Each tab on the left tells you what type of sources are included: 

  • The "Websites" tab includes reviews from selected internet sources.  These are *not* scholarly sources! 
  • The "Newspapers & Magazines" tab includes a selection of suggested newspapers, magazines, and news databases that you could search to find reviews.  These are also *not* scholarly sources. 
  • The "Scholarly Sources: Academic Journals and Databases" has, you guessed it!, scholarly academic journals that you can search within or try your hand at searching the larger databases to find scholarly peer-reviewed articles about the movie or TV show that you're interested in.  


And remember: "When you talk about a TV show with your friends, write a literary essay for your English class, rate a video game online, or try to persuade your parents to choose your favorite restaurant for dinner, you’re doing the key things critics do: describing your point of view on a creative or cultural experience, and justifying it."  (Katherine Schulten, "Expressing Critical Opinions: Two Movie Reviews," NYTimes, November 6, 2019,

If you're interested in reading the full article for helpful tips and examples, follow this link: If you can't access the article from the link, you can sign into your NYTimes account provided by LSU (see the Newspapers & Magazines tab if you need help with that) and search for the article title: "Expressing Critical Opinions: Two Movie Reviews" 

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