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Literature Reviews

This guide will introduce you to how to conduct an effective literature review.


This guide is designed to support graduate students at LSU with conducting a literature review.

Have you been tasked with writing a literature review? Whether you have a paper for a class, an article you want to publish, or a review for a thesis or dissertation, this guide will help you through the process. Follow the tabs on the navigation menu to take you through each step of your literature review. 

Through this guide, you will learn:

  • What a literature review is
  • How to choose a researchable topic
  • How to find example reviews to gain background knowledge or use as models for your own review 
  • How to craft and refine an effective search strategy
  • What resources to use to find different kinds of literature
  • How to access materials outside LSU Libraries
  • How to evaluate the information you find within the context of your literature review
  • Strategies for staying organized and taking notes  
  • Tips for managing your sources  
  • How to track citations and stay up-to-date on new publications
  • How to organize your writing  
  • How to get further help with your literature review

If you have any questions, visit the Get Help tab.

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