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BE 3290: Professionalism for Biological Engineers: Locating Sources

This guide will introduce you to resources for evaluating and locating information on ethical issues in engineering.

Access World News

Introduction to Access World News - Newsbank:

Access World News - Newsbank provides a comprehensive collection of reliable news sources covering a wide array of topics and issues. 

Use Access World News - Newsbank to explore current issues/controversies and to find topics for research projects. 


How to Access World News:

Users on campus: Click on the Access World News link below.

Users off campus: 

  1. Click on the Access World News link below.
  2. Enter your MyLSU username and password when prompted to sign in.

Google Trends

Introduction to Google Trends:

"Google Trends can be used for comparative keyword research and to discover event-triggered spikes in keyword search volume".

"Google Trends provides keyword-related data including search volume index and geographical information about search engine users".

Lists are based on spikes from the previous year.


How to Use Google Trends:

Click on the Google Trends link below and type "subject" in the search bar.

Federal Government Statistics and Information

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