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Honors Research Workshops

Honors Research Workshop Calendar

Hi there! I'm excited to invite you to attend two workshops that are being held for HNRS 2000 students to share research strategies to help you do your best research! We will explore the research process, talk about ways to brainstorm and craft a topic or question, and show you how to search for sources. All workshops will be held in 135 French House starting at 7 p.m. Please feel free to bring a laptop!  


Wednesday, October 11th @ 7 p.m.: The Art of Research, Part 1: Research Fundamentals                            

In this workshop, your LSU Librarians will introduce facets of the research process including background research, the information timeline, and how to get started on your research! We'll also discuss the process of formulating a researchable question. This workshop will also allow for students (and librarians) to share feelings around research, where they have found research materials, and how they analyze their research needs. We'll also look into some research strategies that you can use when utilizing the Libraries' databases and other resources. 


Wednesday, October 18th @ 7 p.m.: The Art of Research, Part 2: Research Resources & Citation                                   

In this workshop we will do a deeper dive into the different resources provided by LSU Libraries and tips and tricks on how to make your searching more effective.  We will also explore resources outside of the traditional library, such as government information, primary documents, and oral histories. This is an opportunity for students to do their own searching with librarians there to help. And last, but not least, we'll also talk about citation. 


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