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With contemporary as well as historical artists, the easiest way to find sources is often to use their names as search terms.  Sometimes typing in the firstname lastname, in that order, will retrieve plenty of results.  If you want to try a subject search, you need to use lastname, firstname instead.  See the examples below.

Note: Be aware that a name search will possibly bring up people with similar names to that of the artist.  You will need to look closely at your results to make sure they are about the person you're actually researching.

           Keyword                                 Subject

  • Ayumi Horie                          Horie, Ayumi
  • Joan Bruneau                       Bruneau, Joan
  • Greg Payce                          Payce, Greg
  • Julia Galloway                      Galloway, Julia
  • Betty Woodman                    Woodman, Betty
  • Warren MacKenzie               MacKenzie, Warren
  • Gerit Grimm                          Grimm, Gerit
  • Lorna Meaden                      Meaden, Lorna
  • Michael Strand                     Strand, Michael

If the artist is deceased, the subject will include birth and death years.

  • George Ohr                          Ohr, George E., 1857-1918
  • Bernard Leach                     Leach, Bernard, 1887-1979
  • Peter Voulkos                      Voulkos, Peter, 1924-2002
  • Lucie Rie                              Rie, Lucie
  • Hans Copper                        Copper, Hans

On occasion, the artist's name might not work well as a search.  Sometimes it's hard to find books specifically about a particular contemporary artist or one who has not been widely studied.  In these cases, you may need to try broader search terms.  To determine relevant LC Subject Headings for your topic, conduct a subject search in the LSU Online Catalog.

Potters, United States--biography
Art Pottery -- 20th century 
Art Pottery -- 21st century
Women Artists

Other terms that you can add on to a broad subject like 'Potters' include:
+ Catalogs
+ Correspondence
+ Criticism and interpretation
+ Influence
+ Aesthetics
+ Exhibitions
+ Catalogues raisonnes
+ Interviews
+ Themes, motives

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