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Veterinary - New Library Resources: Electronic Journals

Lists new resources available in the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine Library.

Below are new electronic journals available through the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine Library. To find other available journals, search the Library's catalog or the SVM Electronic Resources page.

New e-Journals

Critical Care Medicine

Critical Care Medicine is the premier peer-reviewed, scientific publication in critical care medicine. Directed to those specialists who treat patients in the ICU and CCU, including chest physicians, surgeons, pediatricians, pharmacists/pharmacologists, anesthesiologists, critical care nurses, and other healthcare professionals, Critical Care Medicine covers all aspects of acute and emergency care for the critically ill or injured patient.  

Phage: Therapy, Applications, Research

The only peer-reviewed journal dedicated to bacteriophage research and its applications in medicine, agriculture, aquaculture, veterinary applications, animal production, food safety, and food production.

Photobiomodulation, Photomedicine, and Laser Surgery

Delivering cutting-edge, peer-reviewed advances in phototherapy, low-level laser therapy (LLLT), photobiomodulation, laser surgery, and dentistry.

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