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Honors Research Workshops

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Honors Research Workshop Calendar

Throughout the semester, librarians will be holding research workshops to help you do your best research!  We will explore the research process, brainstorm and craft a topic or question, search for sources, and last, but not least, learn how to properly cite.  All workshops will be held in 135 French House starting at 7 p.m. and you are welcome to bring a laptop.  You can sign up for each workshop using the REGISTER HERE button, or to view and register for more workshops, see link at bottom.  

     The schedule for the workshops is as follows:

      Monday, September 23: What is Research?                                              

This workshop will be an introduction to the research process including the importance of background research and understanding the information timeline.  Students will participate by sharing stories of where they have found research materials, how they analyze their research needs, and we, as a group, will talk through how they feel about the idea of research (excitement, pain points, etc).  Also introduced in this workshop will be the LSU Libraries’ online research guides. 

REGISTER HERE: What is Research?


     Monday, October 7: Defining the Question                                            

Many think that the hardest part about the research process is the research.  We’ve found that the hardest part is creating a good research question.  This workshop will focus on what makes a good research (and researchable) question.  Students can share their research questions to the group for peer-review. 

REGISTER HERE: Defining the Question


     Monday, October 28: Finding and Evaluating Source Materials             

To begin, librarians will do a brief overview of sourcing materials such as library resources and government information.  We will also have a discussion about why and how to evaluate different types of sources.  This is an opportunity for students to do their own searching with librarians there to help. 

REGISTER HERE: Finding Sources


     Monday, November 11: Citation Help                                                   

Librarians will discuss the ins and outs of citation (why and how).  Librarians can also demonstrate citation management software, such as Zotero. 



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