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EBV - Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans

Getting Started

Industry Research

IBISWorld industry reports available via the EBV Info Portal.  Search by keyword or NAICS code. The report defaults to the "About this Industry” page.  Click on the tabs across the page to view other topics, such as "Industry Performance”, "Industry Outlook”, "Competitive Landscape”, and "Key Statistics”. You can also download a PDF of the report or print a copy using the icons near the top of the page. 

Plunkett Research industry reports available via the EBV Info Portal. Click "Research an Industry".  Search by major industry group, keyword, or NAICS.  Click "market research and trends” to get an overview of the industry.  Also, the "Statistics” and "Industry Associations” sections may also be helpful. 

Market Research

SimplyMap (via the EBV Info Portal) is web-based mapping and data analysis software that changes the way people use and interact with complex data, making it easy to create professional-quality thematic maps and reports using extensive demographic, business, and marketing data.

SimplyMap Tutorial Videos:

Map Tutorial Video - Create professional-quality thematic maps.  Learn how to map any location in the United States, display any of SimplyMap's 70,000 data variables, and completely customize the look and feel of the map.

Standard Report Tutorial Video - Create a table comparing multiple variables across several locations.

Ring Study Tutorial Video - Create a demographic analysis of a target area based on 1, 3 or 5 miles radius of your location. You can also compare locations.

Location Analysis - View and compare data for all locations within a larger, central location. For example, you could analyze data for all counties in a state, ZIP Codes in a city, census tracts in a county, and so forth. The Location Analysis Report is helpful for understanding how characteristics - demographics, spending patterns, health, etc. - change throughout a geographic area.

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