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ENGL 2000: Nutrition & The Food Industry (Turner)

Source Spectrum

Based on graphic by Vanessa Otero, 2016, Redesigned by Kristopher Kline, 2017 (UC Merced Library)  Image from UC Merced "Elevate Your News Evaluation" 

List of news sources ranked from left (liberal) to right (conservative) by reliability.

Mainstream with Minimal Partisan Bias: NPR, AlJazeera, Reuters, The Christian Science Monitor, BBC ABC News, PBS, AP, NBC News, CBS News, The Wall Street Journal.

Has Partisan Bias but Still Reputable: The Atlantic, Slate, The Guardian, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Vox, Slate, The Economist, Forbes.

Partisan Bias with Questionable Journalistic Value: The Nation, National Review, Fox News. 

Basic Mainstream with Minimal Partisan Bias: USA Today.

Basic Mainstream Leans Liberal but Still Reputable: CNN.

Questionable Fringe News Sources: Natural News, Addicting Info, Occupy Democrats, U.S. Uncut, Infowars, DailyCaller, Drudge Report, Red State, Blaze, Breitbart. 

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