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Web of Science and Incites Databases: Incites Analysis of Institutional Citations of Journals

Incites Analysis of Institutional Citations of Journals

Which journals are cited by research produced by a given institution?  That is, what journals are in the reference lists of articles whose authors are affiliated with a given institution?

First, from Web of Science, register for a Clarivate account.  Then click "Products" to select Incites.

On the Incites start page:

  1. Click the "Report" tab on the top horizontal menu, then select "Organization Report."  Default is "Louisiana State University" at LSU.
  2. On the next lower horizontal menu, select "Journal Utilization."
  3. Scroll to "Which journals are Louisiana State University authors citing?", then click on the three dots, and select "Go to Analysis."  This pulls up an Incite table, but the table shows the articles cited by articles with at least one LSU affiliated co-author.
  4. Default time period is 5 most recent full calendar years.  Time period can be reset.
  5. On the left vertical menu (filters), choose "Research Area," and type or choose one or more WoS subject categories.
  6. On the right, resort by "Times Cited."  (Or keep default at "Web of Science documents.")

Incites help pages here.


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