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Web of Science and Incites Databases: Incites Comparison between Two Institutions

Incites Comparison between Two Institutions

How do two (or more) institutions compare with respect to total research article production?  How many times is research done anywhere citing those institution's research?  ("Times cited" might be thought of as a measure of how much global science relies on each institution's research.)  How can institutions be compared by other metrics?

Incites requires a Clarivate account.  Register either at the WoS interface, or via LSU Library "Databases," then "I" (for Incites).  Click "Products" to select Incites.

To compare one institution with others, with respect to selected metrics, such as "Times Cited" or "Category Normalized Citation Impact":

  1. Click the "Analyze" tab in the horizontal top menu, and select "Organizations."
  2. Click "Organization Name" in the left vertical menu (filters) to select organizations.  For example, Louisiana State University, University of Tennessee Knoxville, and University of Nebraska Lincoln.  (These have comparable total publication output numbers.)
  3. Default time period is most recent 5 full calendar years.
  4. Click "Research Area" in the left vertical menu, in order to compare metrics for a particular research area. 
    • "Research Areas" are WoS subjects.  "Research Areas" classify journals and do not exactly fit disciplines or departments.
    • Alternatively, custom datasets of documents can be prepared in WoS.  Then the WoS "Export" function sends each list to Incites for analysis.  
    • Click additional filters (left vertical menu) as needed.
  5. Click "Add Indicators" (either on the left next to the filters, or on the right just above the data).
    • Add "Category Normalized Citation Impact."  The gap between University of Tennessee and LSU is narrower for "Category Normalized Citation Impact" than for (raw) "Times Cited."
  6. Note that "Funding Agency" is a filter, not an indicator.  So, it is a way of narrowing a search to articles funded by an agency.

Incites help pages here.

Definitions of "normalized" metrics here.





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